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What makes a team successful?

02. June 2020 / general

Working in a great team is not only fun but also a source of success. After all, a team that works together effectively can achieve far more than its members could ever accomplish individually. But what are the prerequisites for a team to function well and deliver a top performance? A common goal and clear rules are a must for optimal cooperation. In addition, a culture of innovation and collaboration must be established.

As Aristotle once said: “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” In other words, one plus one equals more than two. This saying is also true of life in the business world. If the commitment, personalities, experience and skills of all the members of a team are combined effectively and cooperation is encouraged, all employees can really leverage their strengths and deliver top performance. However, shared success is not a matter of chance – it depends on a number of important factors.


Common goal and good communication culture

So what are the key ingredients to make a team successful? Here are the most important tips:



Clear rules and good planning


As you can see: Successful teamwork is not down to magic: You simply have to consciously cooperate with your colleagues.

Many of these success factors for good teamwork are strongly influenced by the manager. In my next blog post, I will therefore explain what a boss can do to ensure that a team functions effectively and is successful.

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