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Do you want to analyze your performance as a manager in order to become even more successful? Would you like to make changes in your professional life and are you reconsidering your current position? Do you want to engage in a dialogue with a practice-oriented and independent sparring partner who has first-hand experience of your situation? Are you faced with some form of conflict that should be addressed through coaching? I have many years of senior management experience and I know that people make all the difference in a business world where the only constant is change.


Have you just assumed a leadership position and want to talk to a highly experienced former manager about the values that are important to you when managing people, how you are perceived as a leader and which is the ideal team set-up? Do you want to discuss specific leadership situations and develop solutions to them? Would you like to further develop your team or find out how you can lead people in an even more successful and targeted manner? Or are there conflicts within your team that you would like to evaluate and resolve? As an experienced coach, I can help you to broaden your leadership skills.


As your level of seniority within an organization increases, the less likely you are to receive open and honest feedback that will allow you to develop as a manager and to see things from a different perspective. Would you like to have an independent sparring partner with whom you can discuss management topics and decisions, talk about your own positioning and address numerous other issues? If so, I can act as your sounding board: I have many years of management experience and successfully led a team of over 50 people. I can help you to analyze your current situation and to determine which direction you are taking in your professional journey.


Do you want to advance and to change your career? Together, we can identify the best environment in which you can develop, achieve success and put your strengths to good use. Which type of conditions do you need in order to succeed? What would be your ideal range of responsibilities? Do you feel comfortable in an employment relationship or do you prefer being self-employed? I can help you to recognize and realize your full potential. I’ll support you as you follow a new path in your professional life.


Are you faced with a conflict situation in your role as a manager? Are there tensions between you and one of your employees or a team leader – or between two of your employees? I can help the individuals involved to understand each other’s perspective and to resume a dialogue – and thus restart their working relationship. Alternatively, they may reach the decision that a fundamental change is needed. Conflict coaching is designed to create transparency for all sides and to find a new and practicable approach for everyone concerned.

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