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I have many years of professional experience in the function of Head of Communications and in senior management roles at major international and national banks and insurers

I have managed large teams (over 50 employees) and small teams (3-9 employees)

I speak the language of business leaders (advisor to CEOs, Executive Board members and Chairmen) and the language of employees (expert in internal communications)

I know the issues confronting managers and client-facing employees

I understand time and performance pressures based on my own professional experience and my many years of working with top executives, middle management and employees

In my former role as Head of Communications, change management and crisis management were an integral part of my work. I also had to make regular speeches and presentations to large audiences

I am a fully qualified and experienced coach specializing in the fields of executive coaching, leadership, change, conflict management, resilience, stress and burnout. I am also a qualified team coach. I have additional training in a number of areas (crisis coaching, kinesiology basic training, financial training from the London Business School, etc.)

In March 2021 I founded a second comany: www.claudiakraaz.ch. I offer a programme for top executives to better balance career and family life

I am a Board Member of the Zuger Kantonsspital (Cantonal Hospital of Zug)


Deputy Head of Communications globally and Managing Director at Credit Suisse: communications advisor to the then CEO Oswald J. Grübel and other top executives; responsible for media relations, internal communications and management of the international communications network; Head of Department (over 50 employees and several team heads); member of the Extended Executive Board of Credit Suisse Financial Services (Private Banking, Retail Banking and Winterthur Insurance)

Other senior communications functions at Credit Suisse and Winterthur Insurance (today AXA), with leadership roles

Head of Communications at the Vontobel Group: communications advisor to the CEO, Executive Board and Board of Directors; responsible for media relations, internal communications, Internet and the international communications network; team leadership

Head of Corporate Communications at the health insurer SWICA: responsible for media relations, the client magazine, internal communications and translation services; team leadership

Zurich Insurance Group: Deputy Head of Media Relations globally with overall responsibility for Europe

PR agency Messmer & Partner: partner and consultant


Certified Stress & Balance Coach: diploma from the ‘living sense’ coaching school (recognized by the European Coaching Association, the International Association of Coaching Institutes and eduQua, the Swiss certification label for adult education institutions)

‘Integral Coach’ certification from the ‘living sense’ coaching school

‘Team Coach’ certification from the ‘living sense’ coaching school

Crisis coaching

Elimination of obstacles that impact on success and performance

Basic training in kinesiology

London Business School: financial training

University degree (lic. Phil. I, English and History)






Skilled in finding practical and effective solutions

An ability to inspire trust

A good listener


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