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How can I overcome my fear (of corona)?

01. December 2020 / general

In my last blog post (link), I wrote about how fear can be a valuable part of life that warns us of dangers. However, many people find that fear dominates and controls their lives and has a debilitating effect on them. There is one form of anxiety that is particularly acute and strong at present – the fear of the corona virus. I will explain to you today which steps you can take if you are worried about corona and are generally experiencing a high level of anxiety. I will also pinpoint those strategies that are not effective.

Each one of us has experienced fear. As I explained in my last blog, fear can serve as a helpful warning light, alerting us of potential risks. However, we must not allow ourselves to become fully consumed by this danger. A specific situation only becomes threatening when you perceive it as such – thus triggering the vicious circle of thoughts, emotions, physical reactions and behavior. This means that you can influence how intense your fear becomes. It is important to be aware that worries and fear do not reduce specific risks – they will actually weaken you. It is important to try and prevent your entire life being determined by them.

I would like to give you a few tips today that you can use in order to break this vicious circle. But let’s start by identifying those strategies that don’t work and should therefore be avoided:


Face up to your fears

These measures help to prevent fears from controlling our entire lives:


Fear of corona: Turning the negative into a positive

These are my specific recommendations to address a high level of anxiety surrounding corona (in addition to all the tips listed above):


Life involves risks – but also opportunities. I hope that my practical tips will help you to take those chances and avoid being dominated by your fears.


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