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17. January 2017 / general

At the beginning of January, I did what I do once or twice each year – I treated myself to a short break entirely on my own. This means I can spend the entire day doing what I want! It is about living only according to MY needs, not having to think about anyone else. I spend the time reading, having massages, enjoying nice meals and sleeping. It is heavenly! Have you already tried this? I can most definitely recommend it.

There is always a lot going on in my life: work commitments four days a week, two daughters aged 5 and 7, a husband, the rest of my family, sport, friends etc. – in other words, it is an intense schedule that is currently being “extended” with the renovation of the house we have bought and are planning to move into in February. As you can probably imagine, I don’t have much free time …. but I don’t want to complain. I love my life as it is.

Even a stress coach is not always relaxed and sometimes reaches her or his limits. Interestingly, in my case this is more often due to my children (whom I adore) rather than my work. That is because my timetable – when I am not working – is strongly influenced by their needs. And that is fine, up to a certain point. However, there are times when I feel a strong need to only have to consider MY own needs for a while. And that is when I know that I am due for some ‘me time’!


Doing what I want for the entire day!

My breaks are 2.5 days long (or short – if you want to be precise). I spend two nights in a spa hotel not too far from Zurich and I go there on my own. I have close friends whom I love spending time with – but not during my breaks. This is because I want to savor the very thing that is missing in my hectic daily routine: Doing what I want for the entire day! And to be honest, I couldn’t do that if I had to think about someone else other than myself during my break.

Apart from taking massages (at least one per day) and calling my girls and husband, these 2.5 days are timeless. If I feel like it, I spend hours reading (usually several books in this short period) since I am usually too tired to do so at home in the evenings – although I couldn’t imagine life without books. There is also the range of spa offerings and sports at the hotel that I may or may not decide to make use of. And good food and wine – which I consider important – are another pleasure that feature in my break. I always eat dinner in my hotel room on my own. And I sleep whenever I feel like it – without anyone waking me … It is simply heavenly!


Rediscovering myself

You may now be wondering whether it isn’t difficult to spend 2.5 days on your own. I always find this ‘retreat’ very relaxing. At the same time, it gives me the opportunity to really listen to my own inner needs – without outside influences – and to reflect on things that I don’t otherwise have time – or take time – to consider. It is about finding time on my own in order to rediscover my inner self. This always triggers certain processes at a personal level that can prove strenuous but are also cleansing and invigorating. Afterwards, I really enjoy spending time with my children again. Equally, it does my children and husband good to spend this intensive period together – with just the three of them. It is a win-win situation!

Do you want to indulge in some ‘me time’? I would be pleased to hear it if you did. You don’t have to do the same thing as I do. For example, my husband spends five days in the Tyrol each spring playing tennis with friends from his local club. Enjoy your break to the full – whatever you do!


© Claudia Kraaz

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